Forgotten Tribes - Who are we? (2016)

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Fashion is always more attractive when you see the world in all its diversity. Our clothing line draws inspiration from fabrics, patterns, and styles from around the world - and it makes fashion accessible to everyone.

Explore Fashion

Every garment has a story to tell. Ours has its source in the heart of Asia, South America and many other places around the world. They highlight styles going back to time immemorial; with meanings woven into each stitch, and stories told through its elaborate patterns. They're also comfortable, comfortable to wear, and designed to make you feel good about yourself while showing off. Wear elegant clothes that have a history, with a colorful and avant-garde philosophy.

Ethical clothing

We never put profit before man. Our brand supports local artisans and seeks to promote their culture, which is so unique and remarkable. Forgotten Tribes makes it a point of honor to defend the environmental cause. This is why we use native tissue upcycling whenever possible. Our manufacturing processes aim to reduce pollution, and we believe in "slow fashion", which means that we focus on quality rather than quantity. We design clothes that you will buy once, but wear time and time again.

Celebrate color, culture, and style

Our slogan ? Fashion must have style, But she must also have that little extra that you can fall in love with. Ethnic clothingForgotten Tribes are inspired by the most incredible cultures in the world, while bringing them a light touch of modernity.

It is fashion in all its singularity and diversity.


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