About us

We are an independent British fashion brand based in London. Our designs are inspired by philosophies, traditional craftsmanship and urban subcultures from Asia.

By adding a touch of traditional aesthetics to contemporary designs, our clothing offers effortless, understated elegance. Our range is designed to provide optimal comfort to the body without any restrains, enabling ease of movement in the daily environment.

Fashion always looks better when you see the bigger picture. We never put profit before people. Our clothing supports local artisans and seeks to promote their unique, remarkable culture.

Forgotten Tribes are also dedicated to the environment – and use upcycled, indigenous fabrics wherever possible. Our manufacturing processes focus on reducing pollution, and we believe in slow fashion; making garments that you’ll buy once, then wear time and time again.

We are constantly looking to reduce our plastic consumption and our waste in general. Our labels can be used as bookmarks and our mailing envelopes are now biodegradable.

Forgotten Tribes France and Europe: www.forgottentribes.fr
Forgotten Tribes UK: www.forgottentribes.com

Forgotten Tribes is a registered trademark at INPI