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    Print perfection - Traditional (and surprising) ways to print on fabrics

    Travel the world, and you'll discover a huge range of traditional printed fabrics, from the elaborate floral fabrics of Asia to the geometric patterns of Africa. We often greatly appreciate the design and colors of these garments, without really knowing how the effect was achieved, and how complex the printing methods are!

    Here's a look at some of the most common fabric printing techniques.

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    The Hmong style: The people, their history, and their textile heritage

    Youfind outHmongs in travel brochures, in magazine clippings on Asian fashion, or on advertisements, because they are easily recognizable by their colorful and emblematic style of dress. Traditional Hmong garments feature intricate patterns, embroidery, indigo and light batiks, eye-catching colours. They have inspired both travellers and fashion enthusiasts for years.

    But the Hmong have much more to offer than their style of dress. By reading this article, you will learn more about fascinating history, culture, traditions, and how their fabrics continue to be worn today.